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Hail, all ye Children of Lesser Gods !!!

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Hail, all ye Children of Lesser Gods !!! Empty Hail, all ye Children of Lesser Gods !!!

Post  Necrophagos on Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:20 am

Hail ! My name is Necrophagos of Ultratumba, last one in the lineage of the House of Fwoosh. As so many others in Lordaeron, I have fallen victim to the Plague, shortly after having my heriditary title of Baron of Fwoosh bestowed upon me. However, my work in Azeroth was not yet done, so I wouldn't even let the bowels of the earth retain me. I have risen from the family crypt in Tirisfal Glades to roam the world as an Undead Frostmage, with also some Fire and Arcane spells up my sleeve. To support my distribution of chaos and suffering amongst the enemies of the Horde, I'm putting my affinities for the treasures of the earth (having been "earth-bound" myself for a while Twisted Evil ) to good use as a Blacksmith with an Armorsmith specialization. At the same time I'm honouring my more refined aristocratic back-ground by producing the worlds finest jewelry and gems as a Jewelcrafter. During my travels to the far reaches of Azeroth, I have encountered like-minded persons, whom I call my Friends, and together we pursue our mutual goals: the creation of orphans, widows and widowers, the burning of villages, the looting of cities and having a great time doing it... FOR PONY !!!!!

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