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Quest: The Iron Colossus (The Storm Peaks)

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Quest: The Iron Colossus (The Storm Peaks) Empty Quest: The Iron Colossus (The Storm Peaks)

Post  Necrophagos Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:29 am

In this quest you get to use a tamed Jormungar worm to eliminate the Iron Colossus near Bouldercrag's Refuge. This is a phased quest, last in a quest-chain, so only people who are on the same quest can assist. To move the worm you have to go underground, but then you can't fight. To fight you have to emerge, but then you can't move. So the tactics is go underground and move until you find the Colossus, who is walking through the valley, emerge and start spamming your attacks. While in attack mode you can use Acid Spit, which stacks, and Jormungar Strike. The Colossus hits back, but doesn't do too much damage that way....well at least not a whole heap. The real danger comes when he "Prepares to pound the ground in front of him". This attack really takes away a lot of health!!! The tactics to avoid this is submerge when he starts charging this attack and move behind him. The problem is that you will see him turn around, so you move back to try to get out of harm's way, only to see him turn again and unleash the full blow on your head. Necrophagos just kept dying and has dumped the quest since it was unmanageable.....or is it???? Question

Ishtoque gave it a try and died a horrible death, until some sympathetic guy told him that it's a video bug!!! When you dive to evade the devastating blow IT ONLY APPEARS AS IF THE COLOSSUS TURNS AROUND !!! In fact he doesn't turn and will strike in the same direction he was facing when starting to charge the attack. All this time Necrophagos has been dodging first and then moving right back into the attack!!! Armed with this knowledge, Ishtoque tried again, spammed his two attacks and dove when the Colossus started to charge. Then popped up behind the Colossus and spammed attacks again and killed the Colossus with about 70% of his health intact! Argh....the frustration it can bring when you do not know this, the loss of time, the endless amount of needless suffering.... I hope this post will help to avoid that it will happen to you! cheers

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