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Achievement: Catching "Old Crafty"....the fast way....

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Achievement: Catching "Old Crafty"....the fast way.... Empty Achievement: Catching "Old Crafty"....the fast way....

Post  Necrophagos on Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:15 am

Amongst the vast amounts of achievements you can do, there are several so-called profession achievements. One of these is for fishing...."Old Crafty".
Old Crafty is a mean old elusive waterguzzling son-of-a-fish in Orgrimmar, that has driven many a player to utter despair and madness, having them ripping their clothes to shreds and pulling out their hair. Testimonies of hundreds of casts needed to catch him are really not exagerated!!!!!
But....there is a fast way, so don't give up on this achievement just yet....

Before you are going to try and catch Old Crafty (which you can do already at a very low level fishing skill, since it's in the pond in the Valley of Honor) you have to go to Shattrath City. Just north-east of the city is a lake, where you will find Old Man Barlo. This fishing fanatic gives (who would have guessed?!) fishing quests, amongst which you'll find "Crocolisks in the City", where you have to fish for a baby crocolisk in (here it comes!!) the pond in the Valley of Honor in Org!!!! cheers This quest provides in catching the baby croc in just a few casts.....

But wait....the best is still to come!!! Maybe the quest is bugged, but it looks as if the baby croc and Old Crafty are the best of buddies and practically inseparable: I reeled both of them in at the same time with my very first cast!!!!
Now this might be coincidence, but several forums report the same experience: going only for Old Crafty has you casting your line infinitely, but doing it in combination with the baby croc quest makes you complete it in only a few casts.

WATCH OUT THOUGH!!!! If you only catch the croc, without Old Crafty, better throw it back and try again without looting it. Once you loot the croc, you can forget about Old Crafty. Keep casting until you got both in one catch....you shouldn't need more than just a few attempts....5-10 max....

Good luck and happy fishing!!!

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Achievement: Catching "Old Crafty"....the fast way.... Empty Re: Achievement: Catching "Old Crafty"....the fast way....

Post  Lillus on Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:44 am

lol excellent advice - thanks one day I will learn to fish but I really want that motorbike first Very Happy

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