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Exploring Sholazar a.k.a. an unexpected entrance to Icecrown

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Exploring Sholazar a.k.a. an unexpected entrance to Icecrown Empty Exploring Sholazar a.k.a. an unexpected entrance to Icecrown

Post  Necrophagos on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:46 am

Exploring Sholazar is great fun!!! Except.....if you haven't got a flying mount and cold weather flying ability it is virtuallly impossible to reach The Maker's Overlook. Or is it??????

It can be done.....Been there, done that and even got the t-shirt..... cheers

To be quite honest, I didn't figure it out myself, but someone did and posted it on the internet. This is how it works:

Either swim north along the coast from the extreme north-west point of the Borean Tundra, or alternatively climb the waterfall above Nesingwary's Expedition (saves you a bit of time in the water).
Keep swimming until you reach the coast of Icecrown. You'll notice a big island off the coast with a Cathedral-like structure on it and swarming with high level mobs (lvl 78-80). Just walk onto the beach and give them the finger. They will react by instantly kicking your behind to Kingdom Come. affraid
But (hehehe, play on words...) you will be sent to a graveyard on the mainland of Icecrown. Instead of fying back to reclaim your corpse (yeah...fly...your spirit gets a ghost flying mount!!!) you rez at that graveyard. From there you make your way due south through the mountains, past the Fleshworks and over the top of the Avalanche. Keep checking your map to see if you are going towards the Maker's Overlook...You'll have to toggle between the maps of Icecrown and Sholazar to do so. Continue south and you reach the top of the cliffs overlooking the Basin. Position yourself above the roof of the Overlook and jump... Mission complete!!!!

I did it without receiving any aggro...well, at least not after consciously committing suicide on the island beach and rezzing at the graveyard...

And as icing on the cake:
If you posess the Slow Falling ability (magical stairs) or a parachute cape then you can establish a flying point in Icecrown before venturing south. Instead you go west untill at the coast you see a round platform pretty far down the cliffs. Jump and use your ability or cloak to slow your fall at the last moment (easier for targeting the platform and for not dropping dead). The entities on the platform are neutral,and one of them, a greenish gargoyle like creature turns out to be a flightmaster!!!!!

Good luck and have fun exploring!!!

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Exploring Sholazar a.k.a. an unexpected entrance to Icecrown Empty Re: Exploring Sholazar a.k.a. an unexpected entrance to Icecrown

Post  Lillus on Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:26 am

very cool thanks Necro - I missed the flightmaster but got the overlook at least lol

If it has pockets I will pick them - if it doesnt I will just kill it

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