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Daily prayer WoW-style

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Daily prayer WoW-style Empty Daily prayer WoW-style

Post  Necrophagos on Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:28 am

In some spam mail I received, I found a little gem in the shape of a daily prayer WoW-style, which I didn't want to keep from you. It goes as follows:

Thank Blizzard for showing us this great World of Warcraft.
Thank our guilds for their support when we need them.
Thank our comrades-in-arms for risking our lives in each dungeon together.
Thank warriors for paying more repairing fee instead of us.
Thank druids for taking us the zoo and circus.
Thank hunters for arresting more and more animals into our zoo.
Thank paladins for having been nerfed 3 times in two months, and times more in the future..
Thank mages for cooking and driving for us each day.
Thank warlocks for translating the healers' mana to their own mana, humm, also the candy you give us.
Thank rogues for opening the broken-lock boxes for us and maybe also stealing from other players the things we lost...
Thank shamans for felling the dying trees in Terokkar Forest to make totems
Thank death knights for….hum, I am not familiar with you, so it's your turn to be thanked the next time.

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Daily prayer WoW-style Empty Re: Daily prayer WoW-style

Post  Lillus on Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:02 am

lol good one Strink actually sent me summat the other day - he posted it in jokes :0)

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